Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance in New York City

Efficient, reliable air conditioning is essential for any business in the New York City area during the summer months. From rooftop units to chillers and cooling towers, when you need cost-effective service and maintenance for your commercial air conditioning systems, trust our proven HVAC contractors at AFGO.

Our company has been serving New York City and the surrounding areas for over three generations, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, and Westchester County. We provide a full selection of commercial HVAC services, and we serve businesses and organizations of all types, from retail facilities and restaurants to manufacturing facilities and government buildings.

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Why Commercial AC Maintenance is Important

Over time, factors like heat, friction, corrosion, and metal fatigue can affect the performance of your AC equipment and lead to component failures. Routine maintenance provides the care your equipment needs to stay operating reliably, and done on a regular schedule, it can provide several benefits for your business:

  • Lower energy costs – When your AC equipment is running optimally, it will use less energy at your facility and your utility costs will be lower.
  • Fewer service calls – With routine AC maintenance, potential problems can be caught early, leading to fewer breakdowns, service calls, and repairs.
  • Longer equipment life – When serviced regularly, your commercial AC equipment will have a longer service life and increased reliability.
  • Improved comfort – With poorly operating AC equipment, you can provide a cooler, healthier environment for employees and customers while creating the optimal conditions for heat-sensitive systems and processes.

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Commercial AC Maintenance in NYC

The performance and longevity of your commercial AC equipment depend highly on how well it is serviced and maintained. Our maintenance services are tailored to the specifications of your AC units, and we service nearly any type of commercial cooling system, including rooftop HVAC units, split systems, water-cooled systems, heat pumps, chillers, cooling towers, and more. Our multi-step commercial AC maintenance process includes:

  • Inspecting and replacing air filters
  • Cleaning air handlers and cabinets
  • Cleaning and lubricating blower motors and fans
  • Testing economizer operation and effectiveness
  • Testing make-up air units
  • Inspecting control boards and checking for error conditions
  • Inspecting wires, fuses, contactors, and relays
  • Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils
  • Cleaning condensate drains and drip drays
  • Checking refrigerant and oil levels
  • Testing compressors, relays, and start capacitors
  • Lubricating pumps, fan motors, and pulleys
  • Testing thermostats and control systems
  • Checking for proper air balance
  • And more

We also offer commercial AC repair and replacement if we find any problems during the maintenance process.

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Commercial AC Maintenance Agreements

For the best protection for your air conditioning systems, consider choosing a custom maintenance agreement from our experts at AFGO. Our maintenance agreements provide all the routine care and maintenance that is required to keep your HVAC equipment in the best condition possible, all for an attractive, recurring fee that can fit into any commercial budget. Our maintenance contracts are customized to the needs of your equipment and are an outstanding value that can help you minimize energy costs, avoid downtime, and extend the life of your equipment.

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Schedule Commercial AC Maintenance Today in NYC

No matter the size or scope of your business, you can depend on our team at AFGO for top-quality commercial air conditioning maintenance.

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