Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement in New York City

As a commercial air conditioning unit nears the end of its service life, it will gradually become less dependable and more expensive to operate. In many cases, it becomes cost-effective to consider a commercial AC replacement. At AFGO Mechanical, we can help your business choose the best system for your budget, and we can provide a professional, energy-efficient installation.

As some of the leading commercial HVAC contractors in New York, our experienced technicians can provide commercial air conditioning installation services for all types of AC equipment, including rooftop HVAC units, split systems, heat pumps, and more. We serve businesses throughout NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester Country, and Long Island.

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NYC Commercial AC Replacement

A typical commercial AC unit will last between 15 and 20 years, depending on how well it is maintained. Compared to the latest systems on the market, however, the typical rooftop AC unit or split system will be significantly less efficient and will cost more to operate, making upgrading early a wise decision in many cases. At AFGO, we can help you determine the best time for a commercial AC replacement, considering factors like the initial investment, the payback time, and the long-term energy savings.

When you are ready for a new commercial air conditioning installation, our expert commercial HVAC installers will make quick work of the project, removing your old system and replacing it with a newer, energy-efficient model with a similar configuration. Our air conditioner installer will handle every step of the process, including:

  • Lifting the new system into place
  • Installing new refrigerant line sets, if necessary
  • Installing the condenser unit, compressor, air handler, and condensate lines
  • Installing the evaporator and controls
  • Wiring the controls, control board, and accessories
  • Charging, testing, and configuring the system

We install all types of commercial HVAC systems, including rooftop AC units, split systems, heat pumps, water-cooled systems, air handlers, chillers, and more.

To keep your new commercial AC unit in great condition, consider signing up for one of our custom maintenance agreements. They are tailored to your HVAC equipment and include all the routine maintenance required to keep your systems running as efficiently and reliably as possible.

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Commercial AC Retrofits

If your commercial AC unit is just starting to show its age but is in good condition overall, a commercial AC retrofit may be a great way to increase its performance and efficiency without the high initial cost of a full AC replacement. Our AC experts can inspect your system and determine if a retrofit is possible and cost-effective. Some of the upgrades we can make to improve rooftop AC unit or split system performance include:

  • Replacing single-stage compressors with dual-stage models
  • Replacing single-speed blower motors with variable-frequency drives
  • Replacing single-speed fans with variable-speed models
  • Configuring economizers to increase AC efficiency
  • Converting older systems to the latest cost-effective, environmentally conscious refrigerants

Our retrofit services can be a great way to get the most from your existing equipment investment.

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