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Keep Your Commercial HVAC System Running Efficiently

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Your commercial HVAC system is a significant investment that requires regular maintenance and timely repairs. When maintenance and repairs are delayed, the system can break down and leave the tenants in your building steaming mad. Further, regular maintenance improves energy efficiency, which helps keep your monthly utility bills from burning holes right through your budget. When it comes to keeping your New York City HVAC system running smoothly, the following are some simple steps our HVAC professionals recommend.

Sign Up for a Service Plan

Commercial HVAC systems should be inspected on a biannual basis. However, if you have an older system, you may want to increase the frequency of inspections. During a typical inspection, our certified commercial HVAC technicians will perform a wide range of tasks to ensure your system is capable of delivering the comfort your tenants demand and the operational efficiency you desire.

Our HVAC service plans include a thorough check of the refrigerant levels and recharging as required. We inspect the system for signs of refrigerant leaks and repair any leaks using industry-approved methods. Our technicians will clean the condensing unit coils and verify sufficient airflow. We will also remove any debris from around the motor and test the compressor, electrical system, and thermostat for damage and faults.

Clean the Ductwork

Air pollution in New York City doesn’t stay outside your building; it gets filtered through the ductwork where it settles and creates clogs that can diminish the efficiency of your system and degrade the indoor air quality within your building. We strongly recommend cleaning out your ductwork on an annual basis. When our team cleans out your ducts, we also perform a thorough inspection of the ductwork to ensure that there are no leaks or damage to the system. Additionally, it is advisable to replace the filters on your HVAC systems at least once every three months. Our technicians can perform this task at the same time they clean the ducts or as part of a regular service package.

Upgrade Your System

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and these advances are making it easier to deliver consistent comfort throughout commercial structures. Installing programmable thermostats with remote access capabilities means you can control your commercial HVAC system from anywhere you have an internet connection. This gives building managers significant control over the system and allows them to make adjustments whether they are on-site or across the country. When problems occur, these connected commercial HVAC systems can send alerts that can expedite repairs and minimize downtime—the more connected your system, the greater the energy efficiency and the lower the annual operating costs.

Pick a Team and Stick With Them

Every commercial HVAC system is unique. They come with their own quirks and inherent problems. When you hire the same licensed commercial HVAC company year after year, the technicians working on your system become familiar with the needs of your particular system. This results in faster repairs and more effective maintenance.

We encourage you to contact AFGO at (718) 478-5555 for more information about our commercial HVAC system services. It is our pleasure to help you identify the most efficient and effective methods for maintaining your commercial heating and cooling systems in Long Island and New York City.

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