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NYC Local Law 77 Requirements & Cooling Tower Registration

Aerial view of NYC building and cooling towers.

Local Law 77 (LL77) requires registration and regular maintenance of your cooling towers. Building owners and property managers are required to properly register the following:

  • Cooling towers
  • Fluid coolers
  • Condensers

These must be registered with the City of New York before initial use. The law requires building owners to certify these systems are properly tested, cleaned, and disinfected on an annual basis with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

History of LL77

In August of 2015, the New York City Health Commissioner issued orders applying to all building owners following an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the South Bronx. The orders were issued after city inspectors determined that multiple cooling towers in the neighborhoods affected by the outbreak tested positive for Legionella. This outbreak prompted the city to pass LL77 to prevent future outbreaks in the city.

Registering Your Cooling Tower

It does not take long to register your cooling tower. This must be done before the initial operation, and it must be updated as required by LL77. Individuals are required to create a user account and provide the necessary documentation.

Building owners must provide the following information when registering their cooling tower:

  • Building address
  • Address and contact information of building owner
  • Intended cooling tower use
  • Cooling tower manufacturer
  • Model number and serial number
  • Cooling capacity
  • Basin capacity
  • Commissioning date

Maintaining Your Cooling Tower

LL77 requires building owners to retain a qualified individual who can develop and implement a maintenance plan that complies with the requirements of LL77. The company you hire must adhere to strict guidelines and procedures in order to ensure that your facility remains compliant.

Notably, LL77 requires building owners to maintain thorough records of all cooling tower system maintenance. This includes regular maintenance, compliance inspections, noted deficiencies, and any corrective actions. Building owners must also maintain accurate records regarding water treatments applied, test results, and the cleaning and disinfection procedures used to maintain the system.

LL77 requires inspections at 90-day intervals, as well as testing at 90-day intervals. It also requires that the system undergo a thorough cleaning twice per year. During the disinfection process, your HVAC specialists must also apply the appropriate biocides that comply with Category 7g certification through the NYC Department of Environmental Conservation.

Non-Compliance is Costly

Failing to comply with LL77 is a costly mistake that is easily avoided. Failure to comply can result in civil penalties of up to $2,000 for a first violation and up to $5,000 for a second violation. If the violation results in a death or serious injury, that penalty can rise to up to $10,000. In severe cases, the fine can reach up to $25,000 and include up to one-year incarceration.

We encourage you to contact AFGO Mechanical Services, Inc. at (718) 489-9870 for more information about NYC LL 77. It is our pleasure to help you maintain regulatory compliance with your systems in New York City and surrounding areas.

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