HVAC Retrofitting & Design in NYC

Is your business’s outdated heating and air conditioning system driving up energy costs? Do employees and guests complain of comfort issues? Are you looking at an expensive upcoming repair? All these problems can be solved if you replace your HVAC system. But what if you’re not in the financial position to take on a large-scale equipment upgrade?

Fortunately, there’s another option: retrofit your existing HVAC system with energy-efficient add-ons. AFGO offers commercial HVAC retrofitting in New York City. We customize our services to match your unique application, catering to the size and complexity of your system for optimal results.

For more information about HVAC retrofits and how they work, or to schedule an HVAC retrofit in NYC, please contact AFGO today.

Benefits of Commercial HVAC Design & Retrofitting

All heating and cooling systems need to be replaced eventually, but you can delay making that investment for years with a cost-effective re-design and retrofit. Here are the benefits:

  • Save energy: Small offices and retail spaces save an average of 35% after adding retrofit technologies. Savings in cold climates (like NYC) may rise as high as 40%.
  • Prolong equipment lifespan: Replacing defective parts can extend your HVAC system’s life for years, reducing repair and maintenance requirements in the process.
  • Adapt to infrastructure changes: Retrofitting is the answer to meeting changes in heating and cooling demand, whether you recently rearranged your interior or added a new wing.
  • Improve comfort: More consistent operation from a retrofitted system provides better temperature and humidity control for a more comfortable interior.
  • Enjoy a faster ROI: Retrofitting requires a far smaller investment than replacing the whole system, providing a return on investment in a shorter timeframe. You may also have access to energy efficiency rebates, speeding up your ROI even more.

Is Your Commercial HVAC System a Good Candidate for Retrofitting?

Here are the factors that help determine if a new HVAC duct design or equipment retrofit could be right for you:

  • Your equipment is in good overall condition with a history of regular maintenance, but your energy bills have been on the rise lately.
  • You plan to keep your HVAC system for at least 18 more months.
  • If you had to go one way or the other, a larger system would be better than a smaller one.
  • Your system runs for several hours each day, increasing the opportunity to save with a retrofit.

Commercial HVAC Retrofitting Options

The opportunities to retrofit your system depend on the type of equipment you have and its current condition. Packaged heating and cooling systems are particularly good candidates for retrofitting. Here are some changes you might make to retrofit a rooftop air conditioner:

  • Install air-side economizers to utilize cool outside air when available. This improves cooling efficiency by taking some of the load off the compressor.
  • Put in supply fan speed controls to regulate air movement based on fluctuating heating and cooling loads.
  • Add demand-controlled ventilation to adjust intake and exhaust fan speeds based on carbon dioxide levels in your commercial building.
  • Set up cooling capacity controls to convert your compressor into a variable-speed unit. This reduces the load when you don’t need the system to run at full capacity, saving energy in the process.

Schedule Commercial HVAC Retrofit in NYC

Are you unsure if your current commercial HVAC contractor is up to the task of retrofitting your older system? Turn to AFGO for the retrofit, build-out, or modification your system needs to function more efficiently. Our turnkey installation capabilities ensure the perfect integration of HVAC system design and implementation to meet your demands.

At AFGO, nothing is more important to us than our clients. We’ll take the time to fully understand your HVAC needs, budget, and expectations to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.

To learn more about HVAC retrofitting in your commercial building, please contact us online today. We have nearly 100 years and three generations of experience serving Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.