Frequently Asked Questions About Our Commercial HVAC Systems & Services in NYC

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Why should I retrofit my commercial HVAC system?

You would benefit from retrofitting your commercial HVAC system if you’re receiving frequent complaints from employees, indoor air quality is declining, or your repair costs are rising without reason but you plan to keep your HVAC system for at least another 18 months.

Is retrofitting more cost-effective than replacement?

Retrofitting your existing system can be a cost-effective solution for your needs until you can plan for a replacement down the line. Retrofitting your system is often less expensive than replacing it but still improves system performance and energy efficiency.

How difficult is it to retrofit a historic property in New York?

It depends on the property. Those within NYC historic districts or designated as landmarks require securing a permit beforehand. Our team can help guide the process to ensure that the retrofit complies with the Landmarks Law of 1965 and all other applicable codes and regulations.

What qualifies as a commercial HVAC emergency?

Improper draining, malfunctioning sensors, leaking refrigerant, and electrical system failure are critical emergencies that a licensed HVAC technician should promptly address.

Does AFGO offer 24/7 emergency HVAC service?

Yes, our certified, licensed, and insured HVAC specialists are available 24/7 to provide emergency HVAC services to commercial clients throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

How often should commercial HVAC systems be serviced?

We recommend scheduling maintenance for your commercial HVAC systems at least twice per year. However, if you have an older or problematic system, our team will work with you to customize a maintenance schedule.

Why do I need commercial HVAC maintenance?

Your commercial HVAC systems are critical for your business. If they fail, your business suffers. Regular HVAC maintenance helps ensure your systems operate efficiently and reliably.

It also helps cut your monthly utility bills, protects your system from damage, and maximizes your system’s life span.

What is HVAC system sanitizing?

Germs and bacteria can build up within your commercial HVAC system.

HVAC system sanitizing is the process of deep cleaning your HVAC system’s evaporator coils to improve your indoor air quality, ensure your system operates efficiently, and help protect employee health.

If I have a reliable filter, why do I need to sanitize my commercial HVAC system?

Filters don’t catch everything, and many viruses, germs, and bacteria are smaller than the filters you may have installed on your commercial HVAC system.

Air handler sanitizing has proven to kill influenza, rhinovirus type 39, H1N1, and more, allowing you to help protect your employees and customers from illness transmission in your facility.

How does UVC light sanitizing work?

We install UVC lights within your ducts. These germicidal lights are highly effective and are designed to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses that pass beneath the light. It’s safe, non-toxic, and reliable. Most importantly, because no chemicals are used, there is no negative effect on indoor air quality.

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