HVAC Systems for Private/Shared Office Spaces

Corporate offices come in many shapes and sizes. Some are traditional, with a ring of private offices around the outside and cubicles occupying the center of each floor. Others have open floor plans to encourage more collaboration and camaraderie between coworkers. Still others are shared office spaces where multiple businesses have employees working under the same roof. Whatever your office situation, you can’t avoid the need to heat and air condition the building to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.


When you partner with AFGO, we carefully assess your NYC office’s HVAC needs in order to determine the best system for your unique needs. Below is a useful summary of an office space’s HVAC needs: what kind of systems are most suitable, their service needs, tips for maintenance, and more!

If you are looking for heating, cooling, or refrigeration services for your commercial office building in Manhattan or the greater New York metro area, contact us today to schedule service!

private shared office HVAC Guide