VRF System Services in NYC

What is a VRF System?

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems have been around for nearly 40 years. Relying on a single outdoor condensing unit, VRF systems distribute a reliable stream of cool air throughout a series of indoor units. These systems can use either two or three pipes to perform the task.

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, VRF systems don’t have one large, loud central unit. Rather, they consist of multiple, smaller air handlers that can be controlled individually. This gives businesses considerable flexibility and ensures that if one air handler goes down, the others can “pick up the slack” and keep the air flowing without noticeable disruption.

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VRF Systems Supply All of Your Heating and Cooling Needs

VRF systems deliver efficient heating and cooling throughout every room in your building. Zones make it easy for you to control the temperature in each room. This helps you maintain the perfect level of comfort while maintaining energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Further, because of the system design, it is easy to maintain and perform repairs, which means that when problems occur, they can be quickly addressed and corrected.

Contact AFGO Mechanical Services at (718) 478-5555 or more information about the commercial heating and cooling services we offer. It’s our pleasure to help you with everything from emergency VRF system repair to scheduled VRF system maintenance. 

The Advantages of a Commercial VRF System

VRF systems deliver consistent comfort and near-silent operation. They are energy-efficient and are capable of delivering heating and cooling functions simultaneously. Zoning improves control and comfort, while state-of-the-art controls make it easy to adjust temperatures depending on changing climate and needs of the business. They can be installed beside, on top of, or within your facility, which gives you significant flexibility to select a location that’s both out of the way and easily accessible for maintenance tasks. Finally, because of the simple design of the system, your business will enjoy reliable operation with less risk of downtime throughout the year.

Contact AFGO Mechanical at (718) 478-5555 or more information about the commercial heating and cooling services we offer. It’s our pleasure to help you with everything from emergency VRF system repair to scheduled VRF system maintenance. 

Businesses That Benefit from VRF Systems

Variable refrigerant systems offer numerous advantages for businesses and high-end residences in New York City. While relatively new in the United States, VRF systems are considered the gold standard in Europe, Asia, and many parts of the world because of their efficiency, reliability, and cost-effective operation.

VRF systems offer numerous advantages to the following businesses and facilities:

  • Commercial enterprises
  • Apartment buildings
  • Office spaces
  • And more!

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VRF Repair in New York City

When your variable refrigerant systems go down, you don’t want to wait to schedule repairs. Our technicians are specialists in variable refrigerant flow systems and will quickly diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs. We make it possible for building owners to maintain their VRF HVAC systems in an operational condition so that tenants stay comfortable.

VRF systems are reliable, but they are not infallible. As with all HVAC systems, they may require repairs from time to time. Common signs that your VRF HVAC systems are in need of service include the following:

  • Blowers that run constantly
  • Filters that are clogged and restricting airflow
  • The diminished flow of either hot or cold air
  • Smoke emanating from the unit
  • Strange noises or smells

Contact AFGO Mechanical Services at (718) 478-5555 for more information about our VRF system repair services. Our team of certified VRF HVAC technicians will schedule an appointment to inspect your system and determine which repairs are required.

VRF System Installation in Your Facility

Installation of VRF systems requires careful planning for your current and future needs. It is essential to correctly size the unit and prepare the appropriate ventilation network. You will also need to consider the space available and ideal positioning, as well as the type of refrigerant the system will require. Our team will help you calculate these needs and develop an installation plan that is ideal for your business. We will help you choose the ideal VRF system that fits within your budget and delivers your operational requirements.

Contact AFGO Mechanical at (718) 478-5555 to discuss the installation process we use and the steps we take to help our clients choose the ideal system and setup for their facilities.

Optimizing Your VRF System

Whoever said “time is money” never had to pay the utility bill; otherwise, that phrase might be slightly different. We understand the needs of your business to keep utility costs down, which is why we strive to help each client optimize their VRF system operation. We can examine system operation and identify adjustments that can reduce energy consumption without reducing comfort.

Contact AFGO Mechanical at (718) 478-5555 to discuss VRF system optimization for your business. We will help you identify and implement solutions that will save you money and time spent on maintenance. 


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