Packaged rooftop units are some of the most popular commercial HVAC systems in NYC. They are pre-engineered for cost-effectiveness, yet they are also adaptable to work in many different industries.

If you’re looking for an efficient option for heating and cooling your New York City building, consider a packaged rooftop unit installation, replacement, or retrofit from AFGO Mechanical Services. We are a family-owned commercial HVAC industry leader with nearly a century of experience serving NYC, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. As a family-owned and -operated business, you can trust us to deliver unwavering honesty and dedication to our clients.

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What is a Packaged Rooftop Unit?

When air conditioning components are assembled within one cabinet, it’s considered a packaged unit. This differs from split systems more commonly used in residential applications, which house the evaporator coil and fan separately from the compressor and condenser. Some rooftop units also have heating capabilities. The term “rooftop unit” is used to describe a packaged unit installed on the roof. However, packaged units can also be slab-mounted on the ground.

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How Do Packaged Rooftop Systems Work?

In a typical rooftop unit, the compressor is located at one end of the cabinet, and the condenser coils are wrapped around or in close proximity to it. Rooftop units that also provide heating often contain a gas heat exchanger downstream from the evaporator fan.

In cooling mode, warm return air from the building travels through the ductwork into the packaged system. Fresh outdoor air enters as well, for ventilation purposes. Air filters are positioned over the return air duct and fresh air intake to prevent contaminants from landing on the delicate HVAC equipment.

In heating mode, cool return air is discharged into the heater, where it blows over gas-fired coils. A fan then sends the newly heated air back into the building.

The Refrigerant Cycle

Here’s how packaged rooftop systems use refrigerant to cool a building:

  • Cool, liquid refrigerant flows through the evaporator coil.
  • The pressure drops and the liquid evaporates, converting it into a gas.
  • As warm return air passes over the evaporator coil, the refrigerant extracts heat from the air.
  • The resulting ice-cold air blows into the ductwork and circulates back into the building.
  • The refrigerant leaves the evaporator coil as a warm gas.
  • As it flows through the compressor, the refrigerant compresses into a hot, high-pressure gas.
  • Then, it flows into the condenser coil. The metal fins on the coil act as a heat sink, absorbing heat from the refrigerant while the condenser fan blows this heat away from the building.
  • The now-cooled liquid refrigerant begins the cycle all over again.

The refrigerant cycle repeats continuously until the temperature in the building reaches the temperature set on the thermostat.

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Benefits of NYC Rooftop Unit Installation

There are several reasons why packaged rooftop systems are the most common choice for commercial buildings in New York City:

  • Packaged units keep all operating components outdoors for a quieter interior.
  • Packaged construction simplifies HVAC maintenance.
  • Rooftop systems are easier to install.
  • Rooftop installation saves space on the ground

Install a Packaged Rooftop Unit in NYC

If you’re interested in installing, replacing, or retrofitting your packaged rooftop system, turn to AFGO for the services you need. We are proud to serve businesses throughout NYC, Brooklyn, and Manhattan with high-end solutions that maximize comfort and energy efficiency.

For more information about how packaged rooftop systems work, or to schedule HVAC services in NYC, please contact us today at (718) 478-5555.

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