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Common Commercial HVAC Problems

How much professional attention has your commercial HVAC system had in the last year—or the last decade? Many commercial heating and cooling systems go unattended for years, accumulating problems and losing efficiency and performance until they finally fail entirely and a technician is called. At this point, you’re facing a more expensive repair alongside the … Continue reading Common Commercial HVAC Problems

Understanding NYC Local Law 87

The deadline to reach compliance with New York City Local Law 87 is fast approaching, and building owners need to understand what’s expected of them. Ensuring compliance with local laws and ordinances is a top responsibility for property managers. By staying on top of compliance requirements ahead of time, you can avoid expensive fines and … Continue reading Understanding NYC Local Law 87

Preparing Your HVAC System for Phase IV Reopening in New York City

Many businesses in New York City may be resuming on-site operations, but that doesn’t mean things will be “back to normal” anytime soon. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued executive orders that employers must adhere to as they enter Phase IV of the state’s COVID-19 reopening plan. This includes following the New York Department … Continue reading Preparing Your HVAC System for Phase IV Reopening in New York City

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