Cost Effective Ductless Mini-Splits in NYC

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Save Money And Increase Comfort With Ductless Mini-Splits Mini-splits or ductless heating and cooling systems are cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions that heat or cool your building—zone by zone—so that everyone…
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PRSM 2018 National Conference In Nashville!

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PRSM 2018 National Conference In Nashville! AFGO would like to thank PRSM and the city of Nashville for an excellent time at the 2018 PRSM National Conference. It was terrific…
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Packaged HVAC Systems Explained

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What To Know About Packaged HVAC Units When it comes to heating and cooling commercial buildings, traditional HVAC systems can be bulky and inefficient. A packaged unit is an all-in-one…
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Understanding NYC Local Law 87

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Understanding NYC Local Law 87 The deadline to reach compliance with New York City Local Law 87 is fast approaching, and building owners need to understand what’s expected of them…