Save Money And Increase Comfort With Ductless Mini-Splits


Mini-splits or ductless heating and cooling systems are cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions that heat or cool your building—zone by zone—so that everyone can stay cozy and comfortable.

Individual thermostats control each zone, so you can conserve energy by running the system only when the room is occupied.

Ductless systems are especially suitable for room additions and small offices where HVAC ductwork is not possible.

The advantages of mini-split heating and cooling systems include:

No ductwork required
Easier installation than central heating/air-conditioning systems
Ideal size for heating/cooling individual rooms
Higher energy conservation than central air systems
Lower operating costs
Mini-split systems also protect against intruders because installation only requires a small hole, while window-mounted air conditioners provide easy access for would-be thieves and robbers.

Ductless systems come in a variety of models and designs. They can be mounted or suspended from the ceiling, and are also available as floor-standing units.

To find out if a ductless mini-split heating or cooling system is right for you, call AFGO to schedule an on-site analysis.