AFGO Training Program

For over 75 years, AFGO Mechanical Services Inc. has been catering to New York City’s commercial buildings by offering dependable solutions for their heating, cooling, and refrigeration needs. Our team is comprised of certified professionals experienced in working with all types of systems, regardless of brand or make. Our commitment to foundational training and continuing education sets us apart from our competitors. We are constantly investing in our staff so they can provide unrivaled service and expertise, offering the highest industry standards.

Union Affiliation

AFGO is a UA Local 638 shop and Service Technicians are eligible to become union members after a few weeks of employment with us.

Benefits include full medical, and dental, paid time off for holidays and vacation, overtime wages, guaranteed pay increases, and a pension at retirement.

Training and Education for Our Associates

At AFGO, we are committed to building trust with clients by maintaining a comprehensive training regimen aimed at improving knowledge in all aspects of the HVAC industry. We believe it to be an essential part of our operation as the top commercial HVAC company in NYC. Our comprehensive approach to teaching caters to technicians of all skill levels, guaranteeing well-rounded professional development. Additionally, we are constantly providing our technicians with up-to-date information on industry trends to foster their continuous growth.

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Become Part of Our Team

AFGO employs an expert team of engineers, professional estimators, supervisors, and project managers who consistently work with our technicians to represent us prominently amongst our valued clients. Our top priority is to deliver prompt, efficient, and professional solutions that satisfy our clients’ specific needs.

In-House And On-Site Training

We have developed a versatile training facility to enhance the skills and knowledge of our field team as well as our inter-office professionals. We provide training opportunities designed around a comprehensive program combining theoretical learning with hands-on experience. We are constantly working to improve the technical skills required to deliver top-notch service. This unwavering dedication ensures that all our staff members stay abreast of modern equipment and technology, including cutting-edge techniques used in today’s commercial HVACR industry. This ensures ultimate satisfaction and quality coming from our staff straight to our clients.

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Educational and training sessions are scheduled monthly. Classes are taught by experienced managers, supervisors, and senior-level technicians who are committed to providing invaluable support throughout this process by sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with each budding technician – either individually or within a group/team setting. Consistent education strengthens our staff’s knowledge of the latest commercial HVAC services and trends.

We are proud members of the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) and their continued support for additional educational training. At AFGO, we are committed to building trust with clients by maintaining a comprehensive training regimen aimed at improving knowledge in all aspects of the HVAC industry. We consider the education and training of our staff as a top priority.

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Apprenticeship Program

Our basis for a great technical foundation includes sending promising technicians to a union-supported, comprehensive 3-year apprenticeship program designed specifically for building the strong skills required in our industry. Trainees benefit from consistent guidance as well as mentorship from the team of seasoned supervisory staff as well as their peers.


AFGO has displayed unparalleled growth since the start of the millennium. We have numerous opportunities to advance within our organization. From Foreman to Field Supervisor or Project Managers, management opportunities exist at all levels.

As a family-owned and operated business, we value loyalty, dedication, and honesty, which we extend to our clients. We take this responsibility seriously and consistently aim for excellence in all aspects of our operation. We are always looking for like-minded individuals with the same passion.

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