What To Know About Packaged HVAC Units

When it comes to heating and cooling commercial buildings, traditional HVAC systems can be bulky and inefficient. A packaged unit is an all-in-one system housing all the components that heat and/or cool a space, so the system’s footprint on available square footage is maximized.

If you’re looking to reduce your energy costs, improve climate control, and save space in your NY metro area commercial buildings, consider a packaged HVAC unit.

4 Types of HVAC Packaged Units

New York City business owners face unique challenges regarding HVAC systems. Many buildings are on the older side, so there are often issues like leaky ductwork and minimal square footage to deal with. Even in brand-new and spacious buildings, NYC’s brutal winters and high cost of electricity make dual-fuel and gas-pack units an excellent option for:

  • Commercial office buildings
  • Luxury high-rise residential
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Property management firms
  • Multi-site facilities
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Retail operations
  • And more
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New York City business owners should know about four types of packaged HVAC units:

1. Gas-Electric Packaged Systems

This package type is also called a “gas pack unit.” It contains both an air conditioner with an evaporator coil and a gas furnace.

These packaged units provide the greatest amount of heating and cooling power, so they’re ideal for buildings in areas like NYC that experience both very cold winters and sweltering summers.

2. Heat Pump Packaged Systems

A heat pump packaged unit works by reversing the refrigeration process you’ll find in a regular air conditioner. Evaporation and condensation heat the coils, and the air handler distributes the warmed air throughout the building.

3. Air Conditioner Packaged Systems

An air conditioner package combines all the components of traditional outdoor and indoor unit systems into one unit with easy access.

It’s ideal for any building that needs cool air but doesn’t have the space for a split-system AC.

4. Dual-Fuel Packaged Systems

These are ideal for serious heating needs in NYC buildings frequently exposed to cold and freezing temperatures. These packaged systems have a heat pump and a gas furnace that can determine which option to use for the greatest efficiency.

When it’s moderately chilly, the system uses the heat pump, and the gas furnace will kick in at lower temperatures. Thanks to the inclusion of the heat pump, this system also provides moderate cooling when needed.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Business With an HVAC Packaged Unit

Why are so many NYC businesses opting for HVAC packaged units? The benefits are clear:

  • Packaged units consume significantly less energy than traditional split systems.
  • Installation is more streamlined since all components are in the same housing and less labor is involved.
  • Packaged units are all-in-one, so they can be installed in spaces where a split system would never fit.
  • Packaged units are quieter than traditional systems, so your employees, clients, and visitors can enjoy a more pleasant environment.
  • Package units provide easy access for necessary maintenance and service.

Find Your Perfect HVAC Packaged System With AFGO

If your business needs a new HVAC system, a packaged unit delivers efficiency and frees up space you can use for other purposes.

Choose the right team to install, service, and maintain your packaged systems to ensure you’ve made a worthy investment for your business. Choose AFGO Mechanical.

We have all the necessary skills and inventory to be your trusted HVAC partner. Contact us to learn more about installing the right HVAC packaged unit for your NY metro area business.