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Preparing Your HVAC System for Phase IV Reopening in New York City

Business women wearing face masks in NYC office building.

Many businesses in New York City may be resuming on-site operations, but that doesn’t mean things will be “back to normal” anytime soon. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued executive orders that employers must adhere to as they enter Phase IV of the state’s COVID-19 reopening plan. This includes following the New York Department of Health’s guidelines on a myriad of issues, including restarting and maintaining HVAC systems.

AFGO Mechanical Services can help your New York City business prepare commercial HVAC systems for Phase IV and beyond. Consider the risk-mitigating actions and safety checks you should take as you reopen, along with how AFGO can help.

Restarting Your Business

Phase I industries—the first to resume operation since the COVID-19 shutdowns began in New York City in March 2020—started reopening on June 8. These include construction, non-food related agriculture, forestry, fishing and for-hire vessels, essential retail, manufacturing, and wholesale trade.

Phase II industries in New York City began reopening on June 22. These include offices, real estate services, commercial building management, phase II retail, car dealerships, and rental leasing. Salons, barbershops, and places of worship were also allowed to reopen with limited capacity.

Phase III industries in New York City started reopening on July 6. These include personal care services, such as nail salons, spas, massage parlors, and tattoo/piercing facilities—all with limited capacity. Governor Cuomo has decided to postpone allowing dining at restaurants after seeing how problematic it has been in other states where cases are rising.

Phase IV—the final stage of reopening outlined so far—began July 20th. It allows schools and low-risk entertainment and recreation activities to resume, all with social distancing required. Businesses not permitted to reopen in New York City include movie theaters, shopping malls, and gyms.

Restarting and Maintaining Your HVAC System

No matter your industry, it’s critical to restart your commercial building safely. In addition to protocols such as social distancing and requiring employees and customers to wear face coverings, you should also consider the best ways to restart and maintain your HVAC system. AFGO can assist with the following:

  • Optimizing building ventilation: We’ll help you determine if it’s possible to increase the flow of outside air. Heat recovery devices are designed to reduce energy losses while maintaining better indoor air quality.
  • Improving air filtration: It may be necessary to upgrade to a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter rated MERV 13 or higher. However, don’t assume a HEPA filter can be used in your HVAC system without modification. Our trusted commercial HVAC contractor will review your equipment and make recommendations specific to your building.
  • Sanitizing your commercial HVAC system: Commercial HVAC system sanitizing deep-cleans your equipment to ensure it’s free of harmful contaminants that could otherwise spread through the air.
  • Cleaning your AC coils: Coil cleaning uses hospital-grade germicidal disinfectant to eliminate the viruses and other microorganisms from the system. Cleaning the coils once or twice a year can even help avoid unnecessary breakdowns and high utility costs.
  • Maintaining your commercial HVAC system: Commercial HVAC maintenance is another critical aspect of good indoor air quality for your business. Request sanitizing and coil cleaning services during maintenance to maximize the results.

Contact Us for Commercial HVAC Services in NYC

Never has it been more critical to protect your business and enhance the indoor air quality for your customers and employees! AFGO Mechanical is pleased to offer our services to New York City businesses looking to restart as smoothly as possible during Phase IV and beyond.

Call us today at (718) 478-5555 or contact us online to schedule commercial heating and cooling sanitizing, cleaning, and maintenance in NYC.

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