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What Size Commercial HVAC Unit Does My Building Need?

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Proper heating and cooling capabilities within your commercial building are about more than just having a high-quality, efficient unit. You need to ensure your HVAC equipment is the right size to support your commercial comfort needs. By following a few easy steps, you can determine what size HVAC unit is suitable for your specific building.

When finding the right size HVAC unit, you’ll need to consider the square footage of your building, the climate, and number of occupants your building typically houses each day. If you need help figuring out which unit is best for providing ongoing comfort, the professional HVAC technicians at AFGO have you covered.

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How to Find the Right Size Commercial HVAC Unit

Many different factors contribute to determining the right size commercial HVAC unit for your building, including square footage, climate, and average number of occupants. When finding the right unit for your building, consider the following techniques:

Manual J Calculation

HVAC technicians use the Manual J calculation technique to determine the heating and cooling loads of a specific building. This helps them make an informed recommendation for what the ideal capacity of your HVAC equipment should be. The calculation is determined by factoring in climate zone, ductwork, natural sunlight or shade, square footage, number of building occupants, amount and quality of insulation, style and number of windows, and presence of appliances that throw heat. This method must be performed by a professional HVAC contractor in order to give you the most accurate recommendation for the right heating and cooling equipment for your commercial building.

Climate Zone & Windows

One factor that must be considered when choosing the right size HVAC equipment is your climate zone. In general, the further in geographic location you are from the equator, the more British thermal units (BTUs) will be required to heat or cool your building. In Manhattan, our climate zone is Zone 4, which requires a heating factor of 45-50 BTUs. However, if your building has more windows than average, there are more opportunities for thermal transfer to take place. Therefore, your HVAC equipment will need an even larger capacity than the 45-50 BTU range.

Shop Units Accordingly

Based on the information gathered through the Manual J calculation and assessment of climate zone and windows, you can now begin window shopping for the right unit. If your optimal BTU falls within a specific range, it’s best to select a unit at the higher end to provide some extra power for your heating and cooling needs. While it’s unwise to select an HVAC unit that’s much too large, one within your BTU range will not result in the system short-cycling that’s characteristic of selecting a unit that’s far too big for your building.

Consult with AFGO for a Professional Recommendation

At AFGO, our team is committed to helping you satisfy your commercial comfort needs. We’ll perform a detailed assessment of your building to help you find the perfect HVAC unit for heating and cooling your building in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. When you’re in search of the right HVAC unit for your commercial building, trust the professional technicians at AFGO to find the perfect match.

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