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Why We Love VRF Systems

Office employees working and enjoying the benefits of a VRF system in New York

We absolutely love VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems and recommend them to clients throughout the New York City area. Efficient, easy to install, and easy to maintain, these commercial solutions can deliver reliable comfort year-round to your facility regardless of what the weather is outside. If you are considering changing the HVAC system in your New York City commercial operation, high-end residential building, or entertainment space, this is the technology that will offer the convenience and comfort you require.

Contact AFGO Mechanical Services at (718) 478-5555 for more information about VRF systems and the comfort they deliver. It’s our pleasure to answer your questions and help you discover the many reasons this is the ideal upgrade for your facility.

Advantages of a VRF System in New York City

VRF systems offer numerous advantages that you will enjoy for many years to come. Because they are easily scalable, they deliver reliable, consistent comfort regardless of the size of the structure. Moreover, because the system is easily zoned, you can adjust the required airflow to meet the ever-changing needs of your operations. This allows you to direct the flow of air where it’s needed, and away from where it’s not.

VRF systems are easily positioned where you have space within your facility. This allows you to position them far away from offices or residences. This enhances their already silent operation and ensures that your employees, residents, and customers enjoy a comfortable climate without ever hearing the operation of the system.

Of course, energy efficiency is always a concern in a commercial operation. VRF systems help you get the most out of every BTU. Remote monitoring and control make it easy to adjust system operations so that you can reduce energy usage when it is not needed, thus saving you time and money.

One of the most popular advantages is that VRF systems are designed for consistent, reliable operation. This means fewer breakdowns throughout the year and less downtime. Further, the system relies on multiple units for operation. This means that when maintenance is performed, heating and cooling capacity can be shifted to operational units while the malfunctioning unit is serviced. This means that no one in your facility has to know there is a service technician in the building.

Contact AFGO Mechanical Services at (718) 478-5555 for more information about VRF systems and the advantages they deliver to our clients in New York City. We are happy to help you discover the many benefits you will enjoy before, during, and after installation.

Factors to Consider With VRF Systems in New York City

VRF systems are costlier to install than traditional HVAC systems. While central systems cost less to install, they cost more to operate. Over time, the cost of operating a traditional central air system in New York City exceeds the savings you will enjoy from lower energy bills, reduced maintenance expenses, and long-term replacement costs with a VRF system.

Further, because there are many elements that need to be addressed during the installation process, the sophistication of the system requires a knowledgeable technician with an expertise in the operations of VRF systems. This requires specialized training; otherwise, you will receive substandard quality that delivers substandard performance. As such, it is imperative to verify that the installation team isn’t “winging it” when they claim they can do the job.

An experienced technician is also required to select the appropriate size of the air handlers and the ideal brand for your needs. As with all heating and cooling systems, incorrectly sized units can result in loss of energy efficiency and additional operating expenses. Likewise, there are many manufacturers that produce a wide range of products. Sorting through these to determine which offers the desired comfort at the right price is something that an experienced technician will be happy to assist you with.

Finally, as with all commercial air systems in New York City, regular maintenance is a requirement. Each element of the system will require regular inspections in order to ensure operational reliability and compliance with regulatory, insurance, and warranty requirements.

Contact AFGO Mechanical Services at (718) 478-5555 for more about the steps we take to help our clients select the ideal VRF system for their entertainment facility, office building, residential structure, and more. Our New York City-based VRF technicians are happy to tell you more about the training and certifications they possess, and the high standards to which we hold each of our team members.

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