Computer Data Cooling Center Services in NYC

Many of today’s businesses rely on large racks of servers, data storage systems, and networking equipment to support day-to-day operations, and such systems are a critical part of the overall infrastructure. Without proper server room cooling, air quality, and humidity control, computers and other IT equipment can suffer from reliability issues, data loss, or even premature failure. Robust, high-quality data center air conditioning systems are essential for protecting IT equipment, along with a well-designed maintenance program to keep that HVAC equipment functioning properly.

At AFGO Mechanical Services, we understand how crucial your computer systems are to everyday operations. That is why we offer comprehensive data center cooling system services to help create and maintain the ideal environment for your IT equipment. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout the New York City Metro area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island, as well as large portions of Long Island, Nassau County, and Westchester County.

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Our Data Center & Server Room Cooling System Services in NYC

At AFGO, we offer data center cooling design services, as well as data center HVAC repair, maintenance, and replacement services. Our expert technicians can service all common server room HVAC systems including:

  • Room heating and air conditioning systems
  • In-row and server rack cooling solutions
  • Hot aisle containment systems
  • Thermal control systems
  • Dehumidification, air filtering, and ventilation systems

Make sure your data is protected. Trust AFGO for complete data center and server room cooling services in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan. Contact us today for more information!


Server Rack Cooling System Emergency Repairs

Computer servers, workstations, and networking equipment are highly susceptible to damage from heat, humidity, and dust. A failure of the server room cooling system could cause server crashes, data loss, and system failures, disrupting business operations for hours, days, or even longer. When you have a problem with the server rack cooling solutions at your facility, you can count on AFGO for fast service and dependable, quality server room HVAC repairs. Our technicians are available 24/7 for help with all your critical systems at any time, day or night, and we have the experience to repair most problems quickly.

Don’t hesitate—contact our team right away for 24/7 emergency computer room HVAC services anywhere in the New York City metro area!


Data Center HVAC Maintenance Services

Reliability is key for computer room HVAC systems, and routine maintenance is a significant part of that equation. By keeping your server room cooling system serviced properly, you can avoid unnecessary downtime and keep your important data safe. At AFGO we offer comprehensive maintenance services for data center HVAC systems, and our services can provide several great benefits, including:

  • Higher HVAC reliability
  • Less downtime and fewer service calls
  • Improved computer system and data protection
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower utility costs
  • Longer HVAC and IT system lifespans

We also offer convenient maintenance agreements that provide all the required services for your HVAC equipment on a recurring schedule. Our maintenance agreements are an affordable way to protect your investment while improving system performance.

To learn more about our maintenance agreements in the five boroughs, contact our team today.

Computer Room HVAC Installation

When it is time to upgrade your computer room HVAC equipment, our technicians at AFGO can help. We provide complete replacement services throughout the NYC area, and our experts can help you choose the best, most efficient equipment for your business.

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Data Center HVAC Cooling

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