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Cooling towers are essential for removing the heat generated during industrial processes, cooling vital equipment, and, in conjunction with chillers, providing air conditioning services. Keeping cooling towers clean and operating properly is critical for the businesses that use them.

At AFGO Mechanical Services, our cooling tower service provides the help you need to keep your cooling towers in great condition. We are one of the leading cooling tower contractors in the New York Metropolitan area, and our service area includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, as well as select areas of Long Island, Nassau County, and Westchester County.

When you need cost-effective, professional cooling tower service in NYC, call AFGO at (718) 478-5555 or contact us online.

Cooling Tower Repairs & Emergency Services in Manhattan

When you have a problem with your cooling towers, you can count on AFGO for fast, effective cooling tower repairs anytime, day or night. We offer 24/7 emergency service throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the NYC metro area, and we can perform any repairs necessary, from replacing damaged cooling tower parts like fan blades and sprayers to welding broken tower air cooler supports.

Don’t hesitate—contact AFGO immediately for emergency cooling tower repairs in Queens, the Bronx, or Long Island.

Cooling Tower Maintenance in NYC

Maintenance is essential to the reliability and performance of the cooling towers at your facility. With our cooling tower maintenance services, we can catch problems early, reduce energy usage, and increase the service life of critical cooling tower parts. Our experts will inspect the gearbox and drive shafts, check fan pitch, check structural integrity, inspect gaskets and seals, and more. As part of our cooling tower service, we also offer custom maintenance agreements that provide all service necessary for your cooling towers at a cost-effective price.

Contact us today to learn more about our cooling tower maintenance agreements in the New York metro area.

Manhattan Cooling Tower Replacement, Retrofits & Installation

When you need new cooling towers for your facility, our experts at AFGO can provide quality cooling tower replacements, retrofits, and more. Our cooling tower installation services include everything necessary to get your new system up and running, from lifting the system into place and removing the old equipment to installing the mechanical systems and piping.

Contact us today for a cooling tower replacement or retrofit quote anywhere in the New York metro area.

NYC Cooling Tower Welding Services

At AFGO, we feature certified welders who can handle any metalwork or repairs necessary for your cooling towers, including fabricating cooling tower bases and support structures, repairing leaking basins, or installing new sheet metal. We also feature G-95 and F-93 certifications for torch use and torch fire guard from the NYC Fire Department.

Cooling Tower Winterization in NYC

New York’s winter temperatures can cause significant problems for cooling towers, freezing the water in the basin, damaging piping, and causing leaks. Our cooling tower winterization services can prevent damage to your cooling towers by cleaning, draining and sterilizing the system, and preparing mechanical components like pumps and chillers for the offseason.

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For quality HVAC cooling tower services from one of the best cooling tower companies in the New York City area, contact our team at AFGO Mechanical Services. We can help with all your cooling tower needs, from cleaning and repairs to retrofits.

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