Cooling Tower Winterization in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

Cooling towers are essential to larger commercial buildings in the NYC area. They work by allowing air and water to come into contact with each other so that the temperature of the hot water in your cooling tower is lowered. By doing this, small amounts of water then evaporate, resulting in the temperature of the water in your cooling tower lowering as well. Essentially, cooling towers are responsible for dispelling unwanted heat from a chiller. However, most cooling towers operate on a seasonal basis, and they require some special attention when the winter weather begins to come in. To learn about what steps are required in a cooling tower winterization, keep reading from the professionals here at AFGO Mechanical!

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What Takes Place During the Cooling Tower Winterization Process?

There are a significant number of steps in the cooling tower winterization process. Here’s what you can expect from an AFGO Mechanical technician when they come to work on your system:

  • Clean up the distribution deck while the system is still operating.
  • Clean and remove all strainers. Reinstall strainers. Wash out the tower fill and sump area.
  • Isolate the tower controllers, and then shut off the controller.
  • Refill the tower system and then vent the chillers to make sure they’re filled with water all the way.
  • Add a layup water treatment, then use all pumps to recirculate the system for eight hours.
  • Drain the system entirely from the lowest point.
  • Flush and clean chemical feed pumps, followed by cleaning the suction line as well.
  • Avoid placid water buildup by opening the chiller and brushing the tubes inside.
  • When the chiller is not in use, it will be stored with end bells removed.

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Choose AFGO For Your Cooling Tower Winterization Needs

The cooling tower winterization process is worth the investment because it helps to prevent corrosion, scale, and biological growth. It also helps for a proper start-up when the spring season returns later. The team at AFGO Mechanical can help with every step of the cooling tower winterization process. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality work with the highest quality products throughout the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx area! Get in touch with our experienced team today.

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