HVAC Services for Biomedical Facilities in NYC

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When it comes to planning for the heating, ventilation, and cooling needs of your biomedical facility, the primary objective is to maintain occupant health, comfort, and safety. At AFGO Mechanical, our HVAC technicians are specially trained to deliver the state-of-the-art commercial heating and cooling systems that biomedical facilities throughout New York City require to remain healthy, safe, and comfortable.

Ensure your medical facility is outfitted with the most advanced heating and cooling equipment available: Contact AFGO Mechanical to schedule HVAC system services for your biomedical facility today!

HVAC System Solutions for Biomedical Facilities in the NYC Metro Area

Whatever your biomedical facility requires to optimize patient comfort, safety, and health, AFGO Mechanical offers the long-lasting solutions you need. From installations and retrofitting to repair and maintenance, there’s no service request too complex for our team to handle!

HVAC Installation & Retrofitting

Whether you’re constructing a brand-new facility or have existing HVAC equipment that requires retrofitting upgrades to maintain compliance with biomedical facility guidelines, we have the solutions you need. We offer the highest-quality products from the industry’s most reliable manufacturers, ensuring your biomedical facility is equipped with the most advanced system solutions available. Our team is also capable of retrofitting outdated systems to provide necessary performance upgrades on existing equipment.

HVAC Repairs

You need an HVAC technician that capable of providing the level of care that you provide to the patients at your biomedical facility. At AFGO, that’s exactly what you’ll receive thanks to our 24/7 emergency repair service professionals. We understand that your HVAC equipment can malfunction at any time, which can cause a major emergency for the patients in your care. One call to our team will put all your worries at rest as we deploy the emergency heating and cooling repair services you need at the exact moment you need them!

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

The best way to ensure your heating and cooling equipment lasts the long term is through regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance. We even offer HVAC maintenance packages to help our customers save on their continued heating and cooling needs. Our team will carefully inspect your systems to identify repair needs early, ensure cleanliness, and optimize for peak performance all year long.

If you’re seeking top-quality heating and cooling service solutions for your New York City biomedical facility, look no further than AFGO Mechanical. Contact our team at (718) 489-9870 to schedule HVAC services today!

Why Choose AFGO Mechanical?

For nearly 100 years, AFGO Mechanical has offered the state-of-the-art system solutions that New York City biomedical facilities need to remain operational. Our family-owned and -operated business is committed to helping biomedical facilities meet the unique demands of their workplace by bringing them the powerful heating and cooling equipment they need. Through our exclusive factory-direct representation, our team helps each client save on their HVAC system needs.

When your biomedical facility requires advanced heating and cooling solutions, trust the team at AFGO Mechanical to get the job done right. Contact us to schedule HVAC installation, retrofitting, repair, or maintenance today.

Schedule HVAC Service for Your NYC Biomedical Facility

From full system installations and retrofitting to HVAC repair and maintenance, AFGO Mechanical offers the top-quality system solutions that biomedical facilities need to meet patient comfort, safety, and health requirements.

Don’t let your healthcare facility’s HVAC needs go ignored: Contact the commercial heating and cooling specialists at AFGO to schedule heating and cooling services today!


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