HVAC Systems for Private/Shared Office Spaces

Corporate offices come in many shapes and sizes. Some are traditional, with a ring of private offices around the outside and cubicles occupying the center of each floor. Others have open floor plans to encourage more collaboration and camaraderie between coworkers. Still others are shared office spaces where multiple businesses have employees working under the same roof.

Whatever your office situation, you can’t avoid the need to heat and air condition the building to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.

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When you partner with AFGO Mechanical Services, we carefully assess your NYC office’s HVAC needs to determine the best system for your building and occupants. Below is a useful summary of an office space’s HVAC needs: What kind of systems are most suitable, their service needs, tips for maintenance, and more!

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HVAC Design Considerations for Large Shared Work Spaces

Creating a comfortable environment for staff and visitors is important for any business in the New York metro area. It improves the comfort and morale of your employees and boosts productivity. Large shared office spaces are notoriously difficult to keep comfortable while maintaining proper indoor air quality, but there are a few HVAC design considerations that can help your organization achieve these goals. They include:

  • HVAC zoning: Dividing your office space into multiple zones can help control comfort and temperature more precisely in each area while compensating for natural variations in airflow and temperature across the space.
  • Efficiency in large spaces: Proper HVAC maintenance, well-designed ventilation systems, effective zoning controls, and quality windows, window treatments, and insulation can help maximize the efficiency of your shared office space while minimizing heating and cooling costs.
  • Effective ventilation and air quality systems: Air quality is an important part of comfort and productivity in any commercial facility. Poor air circulation and inadequate filtration can leave dust, pollen, viruses, and more in the air, leading to irritation, allergies, and even illnesses. Quality air filtration systems, effective ventilation, and plenty of fresh air can help improve indoor air quality and keep your staff healthy and productive.
  • Ease of maintenance: Things like replacing air filters, cleaning and sanitizing HVAC systems, and spotting problems are easier when the HVAC system is designed and installed properly.

At AFGO, we can help your organization maximize the performance of its HVAC equipment in large office spaces with quality zoning systems and zoning controls, effective ventilation and air quality systems, HVAC sanitizing services, commercial HVAC maintenance, and more.

We’ve also developed effective HVAC strategies to minimize the spread of illnesses like COVID-19, making your office space healthier, more efficient, and more comfortable for your staff and visitors. We can help you design and implement effective HVAC solutions for office spaces of any size, and we serve businesses throughout the NY metro area.

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AFGO’s unparalleled commercial HVAC expertise, extensive engineering capabilities, and uncompromising work ethic are just part of the formula that enables us to grow with no end in sight. Our pride in excellence and a sense of urgency that’s second to none sets us apart from our competitors. This work ethic has allowed us to do business with many of the nation’s most prestigious retailers with flagship stores in Manhattan along with New York City’s top management, institutions, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and much more.

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