Improve the Air Quality in Your Business by Cleaning & Disinfecting Your HVAC System

Is your business’s air quality suffering from long-term exposure to dirt, grime, mold, or other harmful pollutants flowing through your HVAC system?

AFGO Mechanical Services offers enhanced commercial HVAC system sanitizing that will enhance your business’s IAQ (indoor air quality), ensuring the safety of customers and employees.

AFGO has served businesses in the New York City metro area since 1928.

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Commercial Air Handler Sanitizing Services

AFGO Mechanical’s highly detailed indoor air handler sanitizing services involve deep-cleaning your HVAC system’s evaporator coils. This will ensure your system runs at optimal efficiency and is free of harmful contaminants such as mold, mildew, and bacteria.

How Can Air Handler Sanitizing Benefit My Business?

The evaporator coils and blower section of your HVAC and refrigeration system manage the airflow coming into your property.

As the air flows in, it often brings pollutants and other organic matter that may continue to manifest and grow inside your HVAC unit. This can decrease your system’s productivity, drive up energy costs, and harm the overall quality of the air in your business.

AFGO offers comprehensive evaporator coil cleaning and disinfecting that will ensure your air quality is sanitized and all the components responsible for interior airflow are clean and disinfected.





How Are Evaporator Coils Disinfected?

AFGO will clean the evaporator sections on your HVAC and refrigeration equipment using a one-step, hospital-grade germicidal disinfectant cleaner and deodorant designed for cleaning, disinfecting, and ridding your system of mold or mildew.

After disinfecting and cleaning your HVAC system’s evaporator coils, we’ll restart your unit and evaluate it for proper operation. The detailed cleaning of your HVAC or refrigeration unit requires ample space, so we’ll advise you on the amount of space needed before we start working.

All cleaning of your HVAC or refrigeration system ductwork and air intake will be quoted and performed separately.

Call (718) 478-5555 or schedule your services online today to learn more about our comprehensive evaporator coil cleaning process.

a man pressure washing outside of industrial hvac system

Air handler sanitizing has proven to kill the following germs and viruses:

system failure


Loud Noises


Burning Smell

(atcc vr-340)

Gas Odors


Safety Concerns

(formerly called swine flu)

Commercial Ultra-Violet Light Sanitizing Services

Our cutting-edge UVC light sanitizing services can improve your overall IAQ through continuous disinfection of the air circulating through your property without using harsh chemicals.

Through ultra-violet light sanitization, you can ensure safe indoor air quality for every guest or employee in your facility.

How Can UVC Light in My HVAC System Improve Indoor Air Quality?

UVC light has the unique ability to penetrate the thin walls of microorganisms and disrupt their DNA structure. As a result, the microorganism is killed or rendered inactive, meaning it can no longer reproduce.

This is what happens to the germ, virus, and bacterial cells that come into contact with UVC light installed in your HVAC system.

What Is the UVC Light Sanitizing Process?

Our technicians will install germicidal UVC lights in your HVAC duct system, which are designed to kill 99.9% of contaminants in your property’s air. It’s a safe method of air and surface sanitization that doesn’t require harsh aerosol chemicals or disinfectant sprays.

Germicidal UVC light uses specially coated tubes inserted into your duct system to kill or neutralize germs as they pass through your system, ensuring your airflow is both sanitized and operating at peak efficiency.

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Benefits of UVC Lighting in Your HVAC System Include:

system failure

Elimination of mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, & other bloodborne pathogens

Loud Noises


Burning Smell

Lowerenergy costs

Gas Odors

indoor air quality

Safety Concerns

Reduction of

Safety Concerns

Prevention of cloggingin the condensate drain line

*Pricing is based on site visit and conditions.

Protect your business and enhance the air quality for your customers and employees through our commercial HVAC system sanitization services.

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At AFGO, nothing is more important to us than our clients. We’ll take the time to fully understand your HVAC needs, budget, and expectations to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work.

New York City and Queens residents choose us because:

  • We’ve seen and done it all: From total system replacements at industrial facilities to rapid emergency repairs for highly trafficked businesses, no job is too complex for our team.
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