The Real Cost of a Broken HVAC System in Your Commercial Office

Do you have an HVAC system in good working condition in your office, or do you have repairs for your aging furnace, boiler, or air conditioner pinned on a to-do list that you plan to get around to eventually? Many business owners and commercial property owners make the mistake of assuming that so long as office space stays within temperature ranges that people can tolerate, problems with heating, cooling, or ventilation don’t necessarily warrant immediate repairs. However, the costs of poor climate control far exceed the costs of repairs, even repairs for serious issues or full replacements of broken, outdated HVAC systems.

Take a look at the real cost of a broken HVAC system in your commercial office:

Employee Productivity

The most readily apparent, consistently studied problem with poor workplace temperature control is reduced employee productivity. If your workers aren’t comfortable, they’re not going to work well.

If they’re cold, they’ll seek to bundle up, nurse cold fingers chilled from typing on a keyboard, and spend time and energy thinking about how cold they are. When it’s hot, they’ll do the same — fanning themselves, making runs for cold drinks, etc.

All of the energy and thought expended on their discomfort is energy, time, and thought not innovating, working, or getting things done.

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Buildings with an HVAC unit in poor condition often end up with very poor indoor air quality, which in turn results in employees who get sick more often. People who work in polluted buildings end up with poor sleep, constant headaches, and more frequent sick days due to infectious diseases thanks to suppressed immune systems. Expending energy staying warm or cool also takes its toll on the body’s resources — and that’s before considering the presence of mold, pests, and other pollutants that result from poor climate control.

Building Damage

Your HVAC system helps control the humidity of air throughout your building, helps filter out molds that cause damage and attract damaging pests, and generally keeps your building healthy. With a nonfunctional HVAC unit, your business will need repair to the structure of its building more frequently due to pests, water damage, and other problems.

Employee Retention

The two most common complaints employees have about their workplaces come directly from the temperature: too hot or too cold. When your employees dread coming to work each day because they know they’ll be miserably uncomfortable all day, every day, you’re giving them a huge incentive to find a more comfortable workplace.

Guest & Client Comfort

If you have business partners or clients in your commercial office spaces, then you should consider what effect your broken HVAC system might have on those guests in your offices. Do you want clients or partners to be uncomfortable and annoyed the entire time you’re trying to make a presentation or negotiate a deal? Do you want to be perceived in a negative light because your offices are nonfunctional in a noticeable way? Broken HVAC units in these situations can damage relationships — and thus your bottom line.

Keep Your Business’s Commercial HVAC System Maintained With AFGO

Broken commercial HVAC systems are not something business owners and commercial property owners should ignore for any length of time. Regular maintenance can prevent these problems from ever arising in the first place. With consistent commercial HVAC tune-ups, you can control energy costs, the risk of breakdowns, and pricey repairs.

If you would like to learn more about preventing broken commercial HVAC systems or need to request commercial HVAC service, dial (718) 478-5555 or contact AFGO Mechanical Services online.

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