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Computer and Data Cooling Centers: Why Maintenance Agreements Matter

Computer and Data Cooling Centers

Your data cooling center drives your business, and regular maintenance is essential for its continued operation.  There are two things you can do as a business owner to ensure the optimal performance of your data cooling center.

The first is to keep it as clean as possible. Dust and debris lead to clogged computer room cooling and air conditioning (CRAC) filters, which make your cooling unit work harder, sending the system’s motors into overdrive. Dirty filters lead to reduced system cooling capacity and higher energy bills.

The second is to secure a maintenance agreement with your HVAC system provider.

While many companies avoid maintenance agreements due to what is perceived as overly high costs—they actually save you time and money in the long run.

In order to properly maintain your company’s data cooling center, regular changing of CRAC unit filters is essential. So is detailed record keeping of the data cooling center’s temperature and humidity levels, maintenance and monitoring of mechanical cooling system parts, maintaining optimal refrigerant levels, regular electrical testing, cleaning of condenser coils, and…so much more.

Maintaining your company’s data cooling center is a full time job and should be left to the professionals.

Spring or early summer is the ideal time to secure a maintenance contract for your data cooling center.  Remember to look for a company that offers flexible maintenance agreements to keep your operating costs down, and your business up when the heat is on.

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