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Why Neglecting Commercial HVAC Maintenance Can Lead to HVAC Emergencies

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Many large commercial buildings and industrial complexes generate millions of dollars in revenue every day. The furnace or air conditioner quietly humming in the background may seem unrelated to your industry, but if a breakdown prevents people from working, your company’s productivity could take a substantial hit. In the long term, you may even be faced with unexpected legal liabilities or tenant turnover, further hurting your bottom line.

It’s impossible to prevent every potential emergency, but with a little foresight and preparation, you can protect your HVAC system from many serious problems. The key is not to neglect commercial HVAC maintenance. Follow this guide to safeguard your heating and cooling system and the productivity that depends on it.

Determine the Worst-Case Scenario

All HVAC systems have similar failure points, but every building relies on the equipment in different ways. Review your heating and cooling usage to determine what types of problems could cause building-wide failures. Then, employ redundancies in case of main equipment failure. Backup systems serve as valuable insurance if any of your worst-case scenarios occur.

Automate Your Comfort Settings

When different employees adjust the building’s thermostats frequently, the HVAC system works more than necessary to meet the requested changes. This can put undue strain on the equipment, leading to costly swings in energy consumption and potentially wearing out some components faster than usual. To prevent these problems, consider installing efficient, automated thermostats with dedicated schedules for different seasons and times of the day. Then, prohibit employees or customers from tampering with the scheduled settings.

Keep Filters and Ductwork Clean

Dust is one of the largest contributors to poor HVAC performance. Particles can settle on sensitive equipment, potentially damaging it over time. Debris can also accumulate in the ductwork, lowering efficiency and degrading indoor air quality.

You can take two steps to keep dust at bay in your building. First, check and change the filter as often as once a month or as directed by the manufacturer. Then, schedule ductwork cleaning when the air ducts start to collect dust and grime.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Even the most advanced commercial HVAC equipment needs regular service. The benefits of preventive maintenance include:

  • Heightened efficiency: Tune-ups are critical for retaining your equipment’s high performance rating. With everything oiled, tightened, and tuned up, your HVAC system will make the best use of the fuel it consumes.
  • Lower heating and cooling bills: HVAC operating costs could be a substantial portion of your monthly budget. While maintenance is an upfront investment, it pays for itself over time by lowering your utility bills.
  • Improved building comfort: Better circulation and airflow are possible with routine HVAC maintenance. When you keep your employees comfortable, they can focus more effectively and produce better results. In the case of retail stores, comfortable customers are more likely to continue browsing and potentially make a purchase.
  • Reduced chance of breakdowns: Without maintenance, small mechanical issues may go unnoticed until they turn into expensive problems. A technician can find and correct them, saving you from unnecessary repair costs.
  • Longer equipment life span: Postpone the need to buy a new HVAC system by keeping yours properly maintained. This saves you money in the long run by extending the service life by a few years or more.

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To protect your building from the expensive consequences of a malfunctioning HVAC system, turn to AFGO Mechanical for the preventive maintenance services you need. Maximize the savings and convenience with a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement. We’ll custom-tailor your plan to meet the unique needs of your building.

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