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6 Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Maintenance for Your NYC Building

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One of the most crucial components for any commercial building is its HVAC system. Without a fully functioning heating and cooling system, many businesses would not be able to function properly. From proper cooling in the IT room to sufficient ventilation in the employee lounge, keeping up with your commercial HVAC maintenance needs is essential for preventing expensive repairs, safety concerns, and unnecessary downtime.

6 Common Signs of Needed Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Like all complex systems, your HVAC will eventually need a maintenance inspection to ensure it’s working properly for the long term. Thankfully, the need for scheduled maintenance is easy to detect. Commercial building managers in NYC can look for the following common signs that indicate the need for HVAC maintenance services:

  • Temperature: If your thermostat is providing inaccurate readings and your building occupants can’t seem to get comfortable, something is wrong with your system. Longer-than-normal cycles will try to compensate for this, but ultimately, they will fail to reach or maintain optimal comfort levels.
  • Performance: An HVAC system that’s slow to respond to command changes or refuses to start up is in obvious need of some TLC. Failure to initiate a cycle or respond to your commands means something is wrong with your thermostat and you should seek professional maintenance services.
  • Airflow: Decreased ventilation can cause the air indoors to become stale or overly polluted, placing building occupants at increased health risk. If poor airflow is affecting your commercial building, it may be time to schedule maintenance.
  • Odors: A smelly system is one that’s in need of service. Whether there’s a blockage in your ductwork or your air filter needs changing, routine HVAC maintenance can identify and remove the root cause of foul odors stinking up your commercial building.
  • Efficiency: All may appear in working order until the monthly energy bill arrives. A sudden spike in your operational costs can indicate the need for HVAC maintenance as your systems aren’t operating as efficiently as they should.
  • Noises: Most HVAC systems remain quiet when in operation, so it goes without saying that a noisy unit should be inspected by a professional. From loose electrical components to dirty ductwork, an HVAC technician can quickly and easily remedy what’s causing your systems to sound off.

By investing in routine maintenance for your NYC commercial building, you’ll ultimately save money on increased energy costs, unexpected downtime, and expensive repair requests down the road. Be sure to train your building maintenance crew to identify the signs of needed maintenance to help catch equipment needs early and schedule service more quickly.

Benefits of Routine Commercial HVAC Maintenance in NYC

Routine maintenance is an essential component of long-lasting HVAC performance. Sticking to a strict maintenance schedule can provide you with the following key benefits:

  • Fewer system breakdowns
  • Reduced operational costs and energy expense
  • Increased system life span
  • Improved indoor air quality and occupant comfort
  • Maintain code compliance in your commercial building

Most HVAC systems are designed to last between 10 and 15 years; however, a regular maintenance schedule can help you to easily surpass these projections without sacrificing quality performance. Make sure to keep a detailed log of your HVAC maintenance history to date your system and plan for replacement services as needed.

What to Expect During NYC Commercial HVAC Maintenance Service

During professional HVAC maintenance, your contractor should perform a number of inspections to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your system. Most experts recommend servicing your systems at least once per year. However, since New York City’s climate relies on separate systems during winter and summer, plan on performing an inspection at least twice annually. Your trusted HVAC contractor will inspect the following key components:

  • Check and replace air filters as needed
  • Inspect and clean system exterior and ventilation system
  • Clean and inspect internal blowers and motors
  • Inspect ignition assembly and pressure switches
  • Measure power consumption by electrical components
  • Test, clean, and calibrate thermostat as needed
  • Test for carbon monoxide leaks

Should your system have refrigerant components, your HVAC contractor should also inspect for leaks and recharge the refrigerant as necessary. All findings during your maintenance appointment should be well-documented and repairs requested at the time of your inspection. For thorough, effective HVAC maintenance in NYC, commercial building managers can rely on AFGO for their service needs.

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