The Best HVAC Option for Older Buildings in NYC

Many older buildings in New York City have HVAC systems that simply don’t provide the comfort and efficiency that building occupants expect. These systems tend to be noisy, disruptive, and inefficient. In addition to providing inconsistent heating and cooling, they may also be plagued by humidity and moisture problems, as well as air quality issues like musty odors or combustion fumes.

Retrofitting older buildings with new commercial HVAC systems isn’t easy, especially in historic buildings where it’s essential to retain the structural features and architecture that make them unique. However, there are effective solutions that offer modern comfort with minimally invasive installations, and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems are one of the most promising ones.

Is Your HVAC System Inefficient?

Energy costs are a top concern for any business, and if you have an older commercial HVAC system that can’t heat and cool efficiently, you may be throwing money out the window. Some of the most common symptoms of an inefficient HVAC system include:

Slow response times: If it takes forever for your building to reach a comfortable temperature after starting the HVAC system, it likely has efficiency issues and may be nearing the end of its service life.
Inconsistent heating and cooling: As an HVAC system ages, it can lose efficiency and be unable to keep up with the heating and cooling demands of the building.
Frequent breakdowns: Pushing an older, inefficient HVAC system to its limits to keep your building comfortable can result in frequent breakdowns, service calls, and a shortened service life.
High utility costs: An inefficient HVAC system will run longer and use more energy to keep your building comfortable.
Replacing an inefficient HVAC system can improve comfort and efficiency in your building and help you avoid downtime when the system inevitably fails.

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Benefits of VRF Systems for Your NYC Building

A VRF system features a centralized condenser unit outside the building and individual air handlers or fan coil units in each zone. Minimal ductwork is required, which saves space inside the building and avoids covering up unique architectural details with unattractive and obtrusive air ducts.

With each zone having its own air handler, the volume of refrigerant supplied to each area, and the fan speed can be tailored to the needs of that room. Cooler temperatures can be provided for rooms that house computers and networking equipment, or for places like warehouses, where a cooler environment is more comfortable for manual labor.

Offices and conference rooms can be kept warmer, with temperatures tailored to the occupants’ needs. VRF units with heat recovery systems can even offer simultaneous heating and cooling, allowing offices to be heated while areas like stock rooms can be cooled to extend product life.

With their impressive zoning capabilities and high efficiency, VRF systems are ideal for co-working spaces, office buildings, apartment buildings, retail stores, and more. Plus, with minimal ductwork to install and only small openings required to route the refrigerant line and electrical cables, they’re an unobtrusive, attractive way to add modern heating and cooling to almost any older building, even historic structures.

Replace Your Commercial HVAC System Today

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