Allergies & Your NYC Building’s HVAC System

Spring is almost here, and that means NYC allergens will be at their peak soon. In 2018, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranked New York City as the 25th most challenging place to live with spring allergies, out of the 100 largest cities in the United States. Hay fever may be more severe in NYC than in other places because there are more male trees in the city than female trees. Male plants are the ones that release pollen, so this increases allergens in the air that make you sneeze, cough, and develop itchy, watery eyes.

It’s easy to think that coming indoors is the best way to alleviate allergy symptoms, but there are plenty of pollutants inside as well, from animal dander and mold to dust mites and gaseous fumes. The commercial HVAC system in your NYC building may even be exacerbating these problems. Fortunately, you can counteract indoor air pollution and make the air cleaner and safer to breathe by following the suggestions here.

Install a Better Air Filter

HVAC systems circulate the same air over and over. The filter’s job is to remove particles from the air before sending them back into the occupied space. To catch the very smallest airborne pollution—including bacteria, viruses, gases, and smoke particles—you need a more efficient air filter.

AFGO Mechanical Services can install the right air filter based on your industry and air quality concerns. Contact us today for a professional recommendation.

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Replace the Filter Often

As air filters trap debris, they slowly become clogged. Eventually, this may restrict airflow and impede commercial HVAC performance. To avoid this, replace or clean your building’s filter as often as the manufacturer recommends, which may be as frequently as every one to three months.

If you need help locating or changing your HVAC air filter, call AFGO at (718) 478-5555 for assistance.

Increase Ventilation

Without a method for exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air, the working environment in your commercial building could quickly become unhealthy. Venting clean air inside may be enough to increase employee productivity and promote the long-term health of everyone in your building.

AFGO can explain your options for energy-efficient air exchangers. Give us a call at (718) 478-5555 to learn more.

Clean Your Air Ducts

Ductwork is the channel through which heated and cooled air travels around your building. Debris and pollutants also travel through these ducts, accumulating on the metal surfaces after months or even years of continuous use. Routine cleaning and maintenance of your air ducts can help your commercial HVAC system last longer and contribute to healthier indoor air.

Contact us today to learn if it’s time to clean your ductwork.

Balance the Humidity Level

Having too much or too little humidity in your building can be detrimental to allergy sufferers. If the air is too dry, people with allergic dermatitis may develop itchy skin and rashes. The nasal passages also dry out in these conditions, allowing more bacteria, viruses, and allergens to enter the lungs.

On the other hand, dust mites thrive in humid environments, and mold growth is also more likely to occur. Commercial humidifiers and dehumidifiers are the key to achieving the ideal indoor humidity of 30 to 50%.

Install a commercial humidifier and dehumidifier in your NYC building with assistance from AFGO.

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